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(Number and Name)
Engine support fixture (Beam)

Removal and installation of the transaxle.Use this adapter (SST No. : 09200-4X000) with the supporter (SST No. : 09200-2S000).※Permit operating with 09200-38001.
Engine support fixture (Supporter)

Removal and installation of the transaxle.Use this beam (SST No. : 09200-3N000) with the adapter (SST No. : 09200-4X000).
Engine support fixture (Adapter)

Removal and installation of the transaxle.
Use this beam (SST No. : 09200-38001/3N000) with the supporter (SST No. : 09200-2S000).
Oil seal installer

Installation of transaxle case oil seal.

※ Engine support fixture special tool assembly drawing

1. 09200-3N000 (Main bar)
2. 09200-3N000 (Sub bar)
3. 09200-3N000 (Handle)
4. 09200-3N000 (Stopper)
5. 09200-3N000 (Bolt-1)
6. 09200-4X000 (Adapter)
7. 09200-2S000 (Supporter)
8. 09200-2S000 (Supporter)
9. 09200-3N000 (Nut)
10. 09200-3N000 (Snap ring)
11. 09200-3N000 (Sub fixture)
12. 09200-3N000 (Stopper)
13. 09200-3N000 (Nut)
14. 09200-2S000 (Spacer)
15. 09200-2S000 (Sub fixture)
16. 09200-2S000 (Nut)
17. 09200-3N000 (Pin)

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Manual Transaxle Fluid

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