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Bluetooth« Wireless Technology

Bluetooth« Wireless Technology

The Bluetooth« word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, lnc. and any use of such marks by Kia is under license.

A Bluetooth« enabled call phone is required to use Bluetooth« wireless technology.


Driving while distracted can result in a loss of vehicle control that may lead to an accident, severe personal injury, and death. The driverĺs primary responsibility is in the safe and legal operation of a vehicle, and use of any handheld devices, other equipment, or vehicle systems which take the driverĺs eyes, attention and focus away from the safe operation of a vehicle or which are not permissible by law should never be used during operation of the vehicle.

Before Using the Bluetooth« Handsfree

What is Bluetooth« ?

Precautions for Safe Driving

When connecting a Bluetooth« Phone

Bluetooth« connection may become intermittently disconnected in some mobile phones.

Follow these steps to try again.

1. Within the mobile phone, turn the Bluetooth« function off/on and try again.

2. Turn the mobile phone power Off/On and try again.

3. Completely remove the mobile phone battery, reboot, and then again.

4. Reboot the Audio System and try again.

5. Delete all paired devices, pair and try again.

Handsfree call quality and volume may differ depending on the model of your mobile phone.

Voice Recognition

System controllers and functions

Using the usb device
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System controllers and functions
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