Kia Forte: IMS Control Switch Removal - IMS (Integrated Memory) - Body Electrical System - Kia Forte TD 2014-2019 Service ManualKia Forte: IMS Control Switch Removal

Second generation YD (2014-2019) / Kia Forte TD 2014-2019 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / IMS (Integrated Memory) / IMS Control Switch Removal

Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the seat side cover (A).

Disconnect the power seat control switch connector (A).

Remove the power seat control switch (A) after loosening the mounting screw.

IMS Control Switch Inspection
1. With the power seat switch in each position, make sure that continuity exists between the terminals below. If continuity is not as specified, replace the power seat ...

IMS Control Switch Installation
1. Connect the connector and install the power seat control switch. 2. Install the seat cover. ...

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