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The rear view camera will activate with the ignition switch on and the shift

The rear view camera will activate with the ignition switch on and the shift lever in the R (Reverse) position.

Note- during initial start up, system may not display instantly due to the audio system booting up.

2 ~ 4 seconds may be required before displaying during initial reverse selection. This occurs when starting and immediately shifting to reverse.

This system is a supplemental system that shows behind the vehicle through the UVO audio or navigation display backing-up.

Always keep the camera lens clean. If lens is covered with foreign matter, the camera may not operate normally.

WARNING - Rearview camera

The rearview camera is not a substitute for proper and safe backing-up procedures. Always drive safely and use caution when backing up. The rearview camera may not display every object behind the vehicle.

WARNING - Backing & using camera

Never rely solely on the rear view camera when backing.

Parking assist system


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