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Problems And Replacement Parts:
Part set
Scan tool required?
All keys have been lost
Blank key (4)
Antenna coil unit does not work
Antenna coil unit
ECM does not work
Ignition switch does not work
Ignition switch with Antenna coil unit
Unidentified vehicle specific data occurs
Key, ECM
Immobilizer unit does not work
Immobilizer unit

Replacement Of Ecm And Immobilizer
In case of a defective ECM, the unit has to be replaced with a "virgin" or "neutral" ECM. All keys have to be taught to the new ECM. Keys, which are not taught to the ECM, are invalid for the new ECM (Refer to key teaching procedure). The vehicle specific data have to be left unchanged due to the unique programming of transponder.
In case of a defective Immobilizer, it needs teaching the Immobilizer. A new Immobilizer device replaces the old one and Immobilizer need teaching.
Things to remember before a replacement (ECM)

Things to remember before a replacement (Keys & Additional registration)

When there is only one key registered and you wish to register another key, you need to re-register the key which was already registered.
When the key #1 is registered and master key #2 is not registered, Put the key #1 in the IG/ON or the start position and remove it. The engine can be started with the unregistered key #2.
(Note that key #2 must be used within 10 seconds of removing key #1)
When the key #1 is registered and key #2 is not registered, put the unregistered master key #2 in the IG/ON or the start position.
The engine cannot be started even with the registered key #1.
When you inspect the immobilizer system, refer to the above paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.
Always remember the 10 seconds zone.
If the pin code & password are entered incorrectly on three consecutive inputs, the system will be locked for one hour.
Be cautious not to overlap the transponder areas.
Problems can occur at key registration or vehicle starting if the transponders should overlap.
Neutralizing Of ECM
The ECM can be set to the "neutral" status by a tester.
A valid ignition key is inserted and after ignition on is recorded, the ECM requests the vehicle specific data from the tester. The communication messages are described at "Neutral Mode" After successfully receiving the data, the ECM is neutralized.
The ECM remains locked. Neither the limp home mode nor the "twice ignition on" function, is accepted by the ECM.
The teaching of keys follows the procedure described for the virgin ECM. The vehicle specific data have to be unchanged due to the unique programming of the transponder. If data should be changed, new keys with a virgin transponder are requested.
This function is for neutralizing the ECM and Key. Ex) when lost key, Neutralize the ECM then teach keys.
(Refer to the Things to do when Key & PIN Code the ECM can be set to the "neutral" status by a scanner. If wrong vehicle specific data have been sent to immobilizer three times continuously or intermittently, the immobilizer will reject the request to enter neutral mode for one hour. Disconnecting the battery or other manipulation cannot reduce this time. After connecting the battery the timer starts again for one hour.
Neutralizing setting condition
In case of ECM status "Learnt" regardless of user password "Virgin or Learnt"
Input correct PIN code by scanner.
Neutralizing meaning .
: PIN code (6) & user password (4) deletion.
: Locking of ECM (except key teaching permission)
Neutralizing meaning:
PIN Code(6) & User P/Word(4) deletion
Locking of EMS(except Key Learning permission)

Limp Home Function
1. Limp Home By Tester If the ECM detects the fault of the Immobilizer or transponder, the ECM will allow limp home function of the immobilizer. Limp home is o ...

Immobilizer Control Unit Removal
1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the crash pad lower panel. (Refer to Body - "Crash Pad Lower Panel" ...

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