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The Variable Charge Motion Actuator (VCMA) is installed on the inlet of the intake manifold.
It consists of a DC motor which actuates the VCM valve and a position sensor which detects the position of the VCM valve.
The VCM system tumbles air flow entering into combustion chamber of each cylinder by closing the VCM valve in the cold start conditions.
This tumble effect reduces cold start emissions by improving atomization
Canister Close Valve (CCV) Installation
   Х Install the component with the specified torques. Х ...

Variable Charge Motion Actuator (VCMA) Components
1. Coupling 2. Shaft 3. Stabilizer O-ring 4. Stabilizer 5. O-ring 6. Insert nut 7. Stabilizer Cover 8. Valve 9. Hole cover ...

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