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When prying with a flat-tip screwdriver, wrap it with protective tape, and apply protective tape around the related parts, to prevent damage.
Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trim pieces to protect from marring the surface.
Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.
Disconncet the negative (-) battery terminal.
Using a screwdriver or remover, remove the center fascia garnish (A).

Using a screwdriver or remover, remove the center fascia panel (A).

Remove the center fascia panel after disconnecting the hazard switch connector (A).

Remove the audio head unit (A) after loosening the mounting screws (4EA).

Disconnect the connectors and cable (A) from the audio head unit.

If the CD does not eject, do not attempt to remove it because the audio unit may be damaged. Contact an authorized dealership for assistance.
Audio Unit Components
Connector Pin Information No. Connector A Connector B 1 Rear left speaker (+) - 2 Front left speaker (+) - ...

Audio Unit Installation
1. Connect the audio unit connectors and cables. 2. Install the audio unit. 3. Install the center fascia panel ...

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