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Remove gasket material.
Using a gasket scraper, remove all the gasket material from the top surface of the cylinder block.
Clean cylinder block
Using a soft brush and solvent, thoroughly clean the cylinder block.
Inspect top surface of cylinder block for flatness.
Using a precision straight edge and feeler gauge, measure the surface contacting the cylinder head gasket for warpage.

Flatness of cylinder block gasket surface
Less than 0.05 mm (0.0020 in.) for total area
Less than 0.02 mm (0.0008 in.) for a section of 100 mm (3.9370 in.) X 100 mm (3.9370 in.)

Inspect the cylinder bore
Visually check the cylinder for vertical scratches.
If deep scratches are present, replace the cylinder block.
Inspect the cylinder bore diameter.
Using a cylinder bore gauge, measure the cylinder bore diameter at position in the thrust and axial direction.

Cylinder bore diameter:
81.00 ~ 81.03 mm (3.1890 ~ 3.1902 in.)

Measure position points (from the top of the cylinder block):
30 mm (1.1811 in.) / 60 mm (2.3622 in.) / 90 mm (3.5433 in.)
Cylinder Block Disassembly
   Х Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces. Х ...

Cylinder Block Installation
1. Assemble the other parts in the reverse order of disassembly.    In case the cylinder b ...

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