Kia Forte: Installation - BCM (Body Control Module) - Body Electrical System - Kia Forte TD 2014-2020 Service ManualKia Forte: Installation

Second generation YD (2014-2020) / Kia Forte TD 2014-2020 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / BCM (Body Control Module) / Installation

Install the BCM unit.
Install the center lower cover.
Install the floor console assembly.
Install the heater & A/C control unit.
Connect the negative (-) battery terminal.
1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the heater & A/C control unit. (Refer to Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditi ...

BCM Diagnosis With GDS
1. The body control module can diagnose by using the GDS more quickly. The BCM communicates with the GDS and then reads the input/output value and drives the ac ...

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1. Install in the reverse order of removal. 2. Tighten the vacuum pump mounting bolts to the specified torque. ...

Multimedia Jack Circuit Diagram

Intake Actuator Inspection
1. Turn the ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect the intake actuator connector. 3. Verify that the intake actuato ...

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