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Display Settings

Press the key
key Select [Display] through
Select [Display] through TUNE knob or key
TUNE knob or key Select menu through
Select menu through TUNE knob
TUNE knob

Mode Pop up

Mode Pop up

[Mode Pop up] Changes
Changes selection mode/selection mode
selection mode

During On state, press the or key to display the mode change pop up screen.

Text Scroll

[Text Scroll] Set
Set /

Media Display

When playing an MP3 file, select the desired display info from Folder/File or Album/Artist/Song.

Sound settings

System controllers and functions
Display and settings may differ depending on the selected audio. Audio Head Unit (1)  (EJECT) Ejects the disc. (2) Changes to FM/AM/SIRIUS mode. Each time the key is pressed, th ...

Sound settings
Press the key Select [Sound] through TUNE knob or key Select menu through TUNE knob Sound Settings This menu allows you to set the Bass, Middle, Treble and the Sound Fader and B ...

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