Kia Forte: SS-B Solenoid Valve(ON/OFF) Inspection - Automatic Transaxle Control System - Automatic Transaxle System - Kia Forte TD 2014-2018 Service ManualKia Forte: SS-B Solenoid Valve(ON/OFF) Inspection

Second generation YD (2014-2018) / Kia Forte TD 2014-2018 Service Manual / Automatic Transaxle System / Automatic Transaxle Control System / SS-B Solenoid Valve(ON/OFF) Inspection

Turn ignition switch OFF.
Disconnect the Solenoid valve connector.
Measure resistance between sensor signal terminal and sensor ground terminal.
Check that the resistance is within the specification.
(Refer to SS-B Solenoid Valve - "Specifications")
SS-B Solenoid Valve(ON/OFF) Circuit Diagram

SS-B Solenoid Valve(ON/OFF) Removal
1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable. 2. Remove the air cleaner assembly and air duct. (Refer to Engine Mechanical System - &qu ...

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