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Key Teaching Procedure
Key teaching must be done after replacing a defective ECM or when providing additional keys to the vehicle owner.
The procedure starts with an ECM request for vehicle specific data (PIN code: 6digits) from the tester. The "virgin" ECM stores the vehicle specific data and the key teaching can be started. The "learnt" ECM compares the vehicle specific data from the tester with the stored data. If the data are correct, the teaching can proceed.
If incorrect vehicle specific data have been sent to the ECM three times, the ECM will reject the request of key teaching for one hour. This time cannot be reduced by disconnecting the battery or any other manipulation. After reconnecting the battery, the timer starts again for one hour.
The key teaching is done by ignition on with the key and additional tester commands. The ECM stores the relevant data in the EEPROM and in the transponder. Then the ECM runs the authentication required for confirmation of the teaching process. The successful programming is then confirmed by a message to the tester.
If the key is already known to the ECM from a previous teaching, the authentication will be accepted and the EEPROM data are updated. There is no changed transponder content (this is impossible for a learnt transponder).
The attempt to repeatedly teach a key, which has been taught already during the same teaching cycle, is recognized by the ECM. This rejects the key and a message is sent to the tester.
The ECM rejects invalid keys, which are presented for teaching. A message is sent to the tester. The key can be invalid due to faults in the transponder or other reasons, which result from unsuccessful programming of data. If the ECM detects different authenticators of a transponder and an ECM, the key is considered to be invalid.
The maximum number of taught keys is 8
If an error occurs during the Immobilizer Service Menu, the ECM status remains unchanged and a specific fault code is stored.
If the ECM status and the key status do not match for teaching of keys, the tester procedure will be stopped and a specific fault code will be stored at ECM.
When teaching the 1st key, Immobilizer regists at the same time.

ECM learnt status.

ECM virgin status.
After replacing new "ECM" scan tool displays that ECM is virgin status in Key Teaching mode.
"VIRGIN" status means that ECM has not matched any PIN code before.
Password Teaching/changing
User Password Teaching Procedure
The user password for limp home is taught at the service station. The owner of the vehicle can select a number with four digits.
The user password teaching is only accepted by a "learnt" ECM. Before first teaching of user password to an ECM, the status of the password is "virgin" No limp home function is possible.
The teaching is started by ignition on, with a valid key(learnt key) and sending the user password by tester. After successful teaching, the status of the user password changes from "virgin" to "learnt"
The learnt user password can also be changed. This can be done if the user password status is "learnt" and the tester sends authorization of access, either the old user password or the vehicle specific data. After correct authorization, the ECM requests the new user password. The status remains "learnt" and the new user password will be valid for the next limp home mode.
If wrong user passwords or wrong vehicle specific data have been sent to the ECM three times continuously or intermittently, the ECM will reject the request to change the password for one hour. This time cannot be reduced by disconnecting the battery or any other actions. After reconnecting the battery, the timer starts again for one hour.
User password teaching

※ In case of putting wrong password, retry from first step after 10 seconds.
User password changing

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