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Concentric Slave Cylinder Air Bleeding Procedure
After disconnecting a cap from the concentric slave cylinder air bleeder, insert a vinyl hose in the plug.
Refill the reservoir tank with the specified fluid.
Use the specified fluid. Avoid mixing different brands of fluid.

Specified fluid: SAE J1703 (DOT 3 or DOT 4)

Pump the clutch pedal about 10 times.
Loosen the air bleed screw (A) at hold down the clutch pedal to allow air to escape from the clutch system. Then tighten the air bleed screw.

Repeat the step 2 ~ 4 until there is no bubble in the fluid.
   Х Install the concentric slave cylinder bolts. Not to be bent or twisted, Tighten them i ...

Manual Transaxle System

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