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System Outline
An optimal seat position set by a driver can be memorized in Power seat unit by IMS SW, which enables restoration of seat position set by the driver despite.
Playing of this function during drive is banned for safety reasons, and it has emergency stop function of restoration and gearing operation as well.

Input Specification
IGN switch input is determined by Local switch УIGN2Ф.
SEAT MANUAL switch : SEAT Input
SLIDE Front rear / rear right manual switch
Operating SLIDE motor of Seat either backward or forward
Recline Front rear / rear right switch
Operating recline motor of seat either backward or forward
Front rear height UP / DOWN manual switch
Operating Front rear height motor of SEAT either upward or downward
Rear right height UP / DOWN manual switch
Operating rear right height motor of SEAT either upward or downward
SEAT position Sensor (pulse Signal)
Sensing movement amount of Slide, Recline, Front rear height, and Rear right height motor
Dr Door switch
Sensing that drive door opens
This signal is received for sensing vehicle speed by BCM
IMS switch
SET switch
Allowing for saving the SEAT position set by driver
1, 2 switch
Saving and replaying the SEAT position set by driver
CAN Communication LINE
Transmitting communication signals between IMS and BCM
CHATTERING Control in Input Signal
Input switch - 40ms delay
SLIDE, RECLINE, Front rear height, rear right HEIGHT switch
УPФ Position switch, SPEED, KEY IN, LOCAL KEY IN switch, DR DOOR switch, IGN2 switch
IGN switch input is determined by Local switch УIGN2.
TIME Error
±10%, for TIME without error indication
±50ms, for TIME not exceeding 500ms
Indicated time in each function does not include Time of controlling CHATTERING started from changing point of rr input.
Component Location
1. Seat Memory Unit (IMS) 2. IMS control switch 3. IMS driver power seat control ...

Control Specification 1. MANUAL Operation (1) MANUAL Seat Operation SEAT is to be operated by MANUAL switch Input of SEAT. SLI ...

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