Kia Forte: Oil Pump Components - Lubrication System - Engine Mechanical System - Kia Forte TD 2014-2018 Service ManualKia Forte: Oil Pump Components

Second generation YD (2014-2018) / Kia Forte TD 2014-2018 Service Manual / Engine Mechanical System / Lubrication System / Oil Pump Components

1. Inner roter
2. Outer roter
3. Oil pump cover
4. Relief plunger
5. Relief spring
6. Relief plug
7. O-ring (suction side)
8. O-ring (discharge side)

Oil Pan Installation
1. Install the oil screen (A) with a new gasket (B). Tightening torque Bolt : 19.6 ~ 26.5 N.m (2.0 ~ 2.7 kgf.m, 14.5 ~ 19.5 lb ...

Oil Pump Removal and Installation
1. Remove the timing chain cover. (Refer to Timing System Ц УTiming Chain CoverФ) 2. Remove the oil pump cover (A). ...

See also:

1. Uplift the vehicle with lift. 2. Loosen the oil filler plug (A). 3. Check the oil level. ...

Stop lamp switch clearance adjustment If the gap between stop lamp switch and bracket is not 1.0 ~ 2.0mm(0.04~ 0.08in), conform to below. 1. Disconnect the s ...

Side Impact Sensor (SIS)
Side Impact Sensor (SIS) system consists of two P-SIS which are installed at each center of the front door module (LH and RH) and two SIS which are installed at each center pillar nearby (LH ...

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